Climate Protection Confirmation

Exped AG


For the myclimate label “Engaged for Impact” awarded to a product, the values taken into account are all the climate-altering emissions along the entire life cycle of a product, from obtaining the raw materials through to use of the product and subsequent disposal or recycling. Through a corresponding financial contribution, support is given to myclimate climate protection projects based on the emissions calculated. With these kinds of contributions, the projects ensure that as many emissions are reduced or removed from the atmosphere and stored as are currently still generated throughout the life cycle of the product and which cannot be avoided. The projects not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also contribute to the social, ecological and economic development in the respective region. Valid for:

Mats and pillows from year 2021
Sleeping bags and booties from 2022

Calculation of all remaining product categories until 2023
All products and processes accounted for and climate protection projects
financed on this basis as of 2024

In addition, Exped takes responsibility for all operational emissions at their Zurich site and finances effective climate protection projects to the same extent, which save and reduce the emissions incurred. 
myclimate climate protection projects are financially supported on the basis of the calculated CO2 emissions.

Protection of Tanzanian Forests for Indigenous Peoples, Wildlife and the Climate