Climate Protection Confirmation

Naturata Marbach


Enjoyment that melts in the mouth: Our chocolate is made by dedicated Swiss chocolatiers with years of experience and is organic, Fairtrade or Demeter.

The secret of the melt-in-the-mouth sensation and unique taste lies in the special manufacturing process. In the Swiss tradition, the chocolatiers have created a fine chocolate which melts on your tongue, thanks to the particularly long conching process (depending on the variety, up to 72 hours). This means we can avoid using lecithin, so that our chocolate is guaranteed free of genetically modified substances.

The natural recipes contain only Fairtrade ingredients from certified organic or Demeter production ‒ no artificial aromas or emulsifiers! We source our raw materials from small-farmers' cooperatives with whom we have been working in some cases for many years.

In cooperation with myclimate, all CO2 emissions generated during production and transport of our chocolate are compensated – for the benefit of the climate.
The CO2 emissions will be offset in high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects

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